Askungen Vital AB shall provide methods for ash recycling, liming and the revitalization of woodland, which are safe for humans and the environment and use.

Askungen Vital AB shall develop methods, products and services so that the least possible negative environmental impacts occur.

Askungen Vital AB shall conserve raw materials and minimize our use of energy and water.

Askungen Vital AB shall operate in conformity with existing environmental legislation and meet the environmental requirements established by the authorities.

All employees must take responsibility for environmental performance and, therefore, continuous training in this area.

Askungen Vital AB shall in the choice of suppliers and partners consider their environmental thinking.

Askungen Vital AB shall in the choice of transports, consider the environmental aspects.

Askungen Vital AB shall try to prevent and be prepared for a possible environmental disaster.

Askungen Vital AB will work with continuous improvement according to our established environmental goals.

Askungen Vital AB will disclose our environmental efforts.